For more than 40 years I had a fear of heights !
But it disappeared forever in 5 minutes!
                                        June 1992 
There I was, trying to climb up the open staircase at 7 Falls outside of Colorado Springs,  battling my fear of heights because I wanted to get to the top of the falls.  About 30 steps up the 224 steps, I had an anxiety attack.  I had to sit down and I knew I'd never make it to the top.  I sent my husband on up and told him I'd be fine.  But I wasn't.  As I sat there, waiting for the anxiety to subside I thought they would have to bring a crane to get me down.  Finally, I went down on my seat, like a little kid, embarrassed,disappointed,  but I made it down to the bottom.  I figured I would never get over my fear of heights.  My husband and kids would just have to go to the highest places without me.  At least in Florida, where we lived then,  there weren't any mountains to climb.  Little did I know that in one day my life would be transformed!
Phobia Cured!

The next day, at a Self-Esteem conference Jack Canfield taught the group a strange technique- called the 5 minute Phobia Cure.  He had us imagine something we were afraid of while we tapped on our face with two fingers.  I was very skeptical, but I tried it.  When the day's session was over, I told my husband "Take me someplace high!  I think my fear of heights is gone."  He looked at me in astonishment, but he took me to the Continental Divide, where he had spent the day.  I could walk along the cliffs. look over the edge and enjoy the beautiful scenery without butterflies, weak knees, clammy skin or terror.  What a life changing gift that was for me.  In September 2004 we returned to 7 Falls. There I am, all the way at the top, no fear, just pure enjoyment.

"How could that happen?"

How would tapping on your face for a couple of minutes change your life?

Learn how you can

      *Let go of  fears and phobias

      *Reduce negative emotions on the spot

      *Install peak performance behaviors

And change your life for the better.

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